Launch Symposium

Monday 28 Nov 2016

Convenors: Gregor Noll (Lund) and Anne Orford (Melbourne & Lund)

The Law Faculty and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute at Lund University hosted this public symposium to celebrate the launch of Anne Orford and Florian Hoffmann (eds) The Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2016). Support for the symposium was provided by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.



12:00 Welcome

Gregor Noll (Lund)

12:10 Panel: Why Study the Past? History, Theory, and International Law

Panellists: Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki), Mónica García-Salmones (Helsinki) Chair: Markus Gunneflo (Lund)

1:10 Lunch  

2:00 Panel: How to Do Things with Theory? Methods, Approaches, Disciplines

Panellists: Outi Korhonen (Turku),Toni Selkälä (Turku), Geoff Gordon (VU Amsterdam) Chair: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Raoul Wallenberg Institute)

3:00 Coffee break

3:30 Panel: What's the Point of Theory? Telos, Doctrines, Debates

Panellists: Anne Orford (Melbourne & Lund), Martin Clark (LSE) Chair: Leila Brännström (Lund)

4.30 Reception