Shaimaa Abdelkarim_KF_2019.jpg

Shaimaa Abdelkarim

University of Leicester, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Doctoral Fellow 2019

Shaimaa Abdelkarim is a PhD Student in the Law Department at the University of Leicester. Her PhD research, entitled ‘Beyond Legitimacy: Conceptualizing the Cacophonies of Resistance Through Tahrir Square’, inquires into the narratives around resistance within codified human rights instruments that affect the legal reception of resistance movements and how that reception shapes the post-revolution phase, firstly on a theoretical ontological basis and secondly in post-2011 revolution Egypt. She uses the 2011 Egyptian uprisings to theorise the possibilities of the middle as a space of action. Shaimaa has an LLM from the American University in Cairo and an LLB from Cairo University.