Publications of Laureate Program Visiting Fellows

Matilda Arvidsson

  • Matilda Arvidsson, ‘Targeting, Gender, and International Posthumanitarian Law and Practice: Framing the Question of the Human in International Humanitarian Law’ (2018) 44 Australian Feminist Law Journal 9

Cheah Wui Ling

  • Cheah Wui Ling and Moritz Vormbaum, ‘War Crimes Trials in Europe and Asia (1945-1949) – A Comparative Study’ (2081) 31(3) Leiden Journal of International Law 669

  • Cheah Wui Ling, ‘Culture and Understanding in the Singapore War Crimes Trials (1946-1948): Interpreting Arguments of the Defence’ (2018) 14(1) International Journal of Law in Context 87

Maj Grasten

  • Maj Grasten and Ntina Tzouvala, ‘The Political Economy of International Transitional Administration: Regulating Food and Farming in Kosovo and Iraq’ (2018) 24(5) Contemporary Politics 1

Kathryn Greenman

  • Kathryn Greenman, Anne Orford, Ntina Tzouvala and Anna Saunders (eds), Revolutions in International Law: The Legacies of 1917 (Cambridge University Press, 2019, forthcoming)

  • Kathryn Greenman, ‘Aliens in Latin America: Intervention, Arbitration and State Responsibility for Rebels’ (2018) 31 Leiden Journal of International Law 617

  • Kathryn Greenman, ‘The Secret History of Successful Rebellions in the Law of State Responsibility’ (2017) 6(9) ESIL Reflection

 Viktorija Jakjimovska

  • Viktorija Jakjimovska, ‘Uneasy Neutrality: Great Britain and the Greek War of Independence (1821-1832)’ in Inge Van Hulle and Randall Lesaffer (eds), International Law in the Long Nineteenth Century (c. 1775-1914) (Brill/Nijhoff, 2018, forthcoming)

Karin Loevy

  • Karin Loevy, ‘Cycles of Compulsion: Efficacy and Legality in the History of Israeli Torture Debates and Practice’ in Steven Barela, Mark Fallon, Gloria Gaggioli and Jens David Ohlin (eds), Torture and Interrogation: Research on Efficacy and its Integration with Morality and Legality (Oxford University Press, 2019, forthcoming)

Christina Nowak

  • Christina Nowak, ‘The Changing Law of Non-Intervention in Civil Wars – Assessing the Production Of Legality In State Practice After 2011’ (2018) Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 40

    Christina Nowak, Das Interventionsverbot im Wandel – Darstellung eines Wandels durch die Bürgerkriege in Libyen, Syrien, Irak, Jemen und Ukraine seit 2011 (Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2018, forthcoming)

Adriane Sanctis

  • Adriane Sanctis, 'América Latina em Continuidades e Rupturas' (2018) 14 Revista Brasileira de Direito Internacional 287

Rebecca Sutton

Nele Verlinden

  • Luca Ferro and Nele Verlinden, ‘Neutrality During Armed Conflicts: A Coherent Approach to Third-State Support for Warring Parties’ (2018) 17(1) Chinese Journal of International Law 15

Renata Nagamine

  • Renata Nagamine and Heloisa Pait, ‘Marielle, Presente!’ in Renata Nagamine and Denise Vitale (eds), Gender, Law, and International Relations (Edufba, 2018)