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Pål Wrange

Director of the Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice and Professor of Public International Law, Stockholm University

Pål Wrange (LLD, LLM) is Professor of Public International Law at Stockholm University, vice-dean for research affairs at the Faculty of Law and director of the Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice. He is also a former principal legal advisor at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and a former political advisor to the European Union’s Special Representative for the Great Lakes Region. Dr Wrange has published widely on international law (including on the use of force), international relations and theory and has consulted on international criminal justice and peace-building. He has held visiting positions at Harvard Law School, the European University Institute and Makerere University and is a member of a number of international scientific and editorial committees. He is currently working on a book on non-state actors, right authority and the right to use military violence and is co-editing a collection of articles on the history of international humanitarian law.