Mónica García-Salmones

University of Helsinki, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow 2019

Mónica García-Salmones is an Adjunct Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki where she currently teaches ‘History, Theory and Philosophy of International Law’. She is also a senior researcher at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights and fellow of the Finnish Cultural Foundation (2017-2020). During the year 2017/18 she was a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge. She holds a PhD in International Law (University of Helsinki) and an LLM in Company Law-Gesellschaftsrecht (University of Augsburg), and has recently participated in the first Executive Arbitration and Investment Law Course at the Lauterpacht Center of International Law. During her post-doc on the ‘Intellectual History of International Law: Between Religion and Empire’ in Helsinki, she studied the theological foundations of secularist international law, a project she is currently finalizing. Her monograph, The Project of Positivism in International Law (Oxford University Press, 2013), was awarded the European Society of International Law Book Prize in 2015.