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Roundtable — Legal Reflections on Authoritarianism in Brazil and Beyond

  • Melbourne Law School, Room 920 185 Pelham Street Carlton, VIC, 3053 Australia (map)
“Festa da Democracia” (2018) – graffiti by @paulo_ito. Photo by Fabia Veçoso

“Festa da Democracia” (2018) – graffiti by @paulo_ito. Photo by Fabia Veçoso

The recent election of Jair Bolsonaro is the latest episode in the rise of authoritarianism in Brazilian and global politics. Chaired by Anne Orford, with Luís Bogliolo, Rose Parfitt and Fabia Veçoso, this roundtable will reflect on the legal and political issues that led to the rise of the former army-captain on a platform of criminalisation, neoliberalism and contempt for human rights and minorities. We will discuss the implications of the recent elections in Brazil and what it can tell us about authoritarianism, fascism and law.

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Luís Bogliolo is a PhD candidate with the Laureate Program in International Law at Melbourne Law School. He graduated in law and taught at the University of Brasília, and has an LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science. From 2013 to 2015 he worked at the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. He has recently commented on Brazilian politics and elections for ABC, SBS, Triple R, and written for Election Watch and Pursuit: ‘Elections in Brazil: Is Democracy itself on the ballot?

Rose Parfitt is a Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Law School and a Lecturer at Kent Law School. Since 2016, she has been leading a DECRA project entitled ‘International Law and the Legacies of Fascist Internationalism’. In addition to the project’s workshops, her relevant publications include: 'The Anti-Neutral Suit: International Legal Futurists, 1914-2017' (London Review of International Law, 2017) and ‘Fascism, Imperialism and International Law: An Arch met a Motorway and the Rest is History…’ (Leiden Journal of International Law, 2018).

Fabia Veçoso is a postdoctoral fellow with the Laureate Program in International Law at Melbourne Law School. Before joining Melbourne Law School, Fabia was an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Federal University of São Paulo (Brazil). Fabia earned her LLB, LLM and PhD from the University of São Paulo Law School. Her research and teaching interests are focused on the theory and history of international law, regionalism and Latin America, and international human rights law.